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Boo hoo.

The Good : bought me a memorychip for the PS2, so that I can save my own data. Rick's chip is full. (Rick a.k.a. Slick Rick = roomie #1)

The bad: drove a dent into Martin's car while backing out of the driveway. Just a dent in the door, so hopefully it won't be too expensive to repair. Won't let insurance handle it. (Martin a.k.a. Cif! = Roomie #2). Landlord knows a cheap repairshop. In any case it's gonna set me back quite some Euro's. Bah!

The ugly: While parents are on holiday, they sent me a copy of the diet-program they're following. They've both lost dozens of pounds so far. What's the first thing I do today? Have lunch at the Golden Arches (That's McDeadly, in case you were wondering) And couldn't be bothered to go buy sporting pants 'cos the weather was horrible. My excuses are as weak as my willpower.
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