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I don't know how long I have before sleep claims me (oh, the sacrifices I make for my readers ;), but I felt the need to update my journal (as I try to do every day).
Work: I was thrown in at the deep end. All of a sudden I was given the opportunity to be the shiftmanager - with some guidance of course - and it was.... interesting. I leaned a lot, screwed some things up, had an argument with a colleague, but in the end I'm reasonably satisfied about what I achieved today. I'm getting a crash course in managing a McD's, since a new restaurant is gonna open real soon, and they need me to help me run it. I don't mind, as long as I get a raise out of it ;)

Band: We have two gigs confirmed: May 19th, at a local fun fair and June 15th at a big Soulnight. Especially the latter will prove to be exciting. It'll be our first performance for 300+ guests. We have a few weeks left to add some more soul-songs to our repertoire, but I'm confident we'll get there in time. If this works out, we'll be on our way to fame and fortune *grins*

Private: Li'l brother's doing OK (He's almost 20, but he'll always be my little bro :), he's on his way to follow in my footsteps. Starting august, he'll get a traineeship as a cost-controller at a bungalowresort. It sounds *SO* familiar to me :D No news on the lovefront. Not really surprising, since I don't make any efforts to 'get noticed'

Financial: Visa-bill just came in. Ouch. I gotta use it less often. It's a shame the thing is so incredibly handy, otherwise I'd have thrown it away ages ago.

To do list: groceries and clean house. Those are my two priorities. Tomorrownight some friends are coming over for a Dungeons & Dragons-session. I think I'm gonna send them through a good, oldfashioned dungeoncrawl. If it moves, kill it boys!

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