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Eye caramba.

A few weeks ago I went to my optician for my annual checkup. Once again my eyesight dropped. Contact lenses are now a whopping -13 and -11.5. As a precaution, the optician advised me to get a more in-depth checkup with a doctor of optometry (who looks at the entire eye in stead of just the front of the eye).

Last friday, I had that appointment. Eyes were sedated, I got pupil-dilating fluids and the doc shoved some sort of microscopic lens against my eye so he could look me deeeeeep into my eyes (harhar).

Long story short: my right eye has a few retinal tears (tear as in rupture, not the stuff you cry) that need lasering to repair. To prevent the possibility of retinal detachment. So tomorrow I'm going back for basically the same show, with the addition of a friggin' laser shot right INTO my eye to fix those tears. This is not the same as lasering to correct your shortsightedness, that's just the front, the cornea. This is a laser going right INTO my eye.

Needless to say I'm very anxious. Yes, this has been done millions of times before, but if there are two areas I REALLY don't like doctors messing around, it's my eyesight and my hearing.

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