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Shit getting done! (update)

- take measurements of the decorated ceiling elements, then find decent lamps/armatures, no more sad little lightbulbs on the ceiling. (I still have 6 of those, WTF.) Of the 7 places I want new lights and armatures, one has been changed, for two others I have the lights but still need installing.
- take measurements of my fireplace and find appropriate bio-fuel burner to install (no wood-burner or electric one) Design burner bought, cleaned 3 pounds of ashes out of the chimney (thanks, previous owner!), now it turns out I need to level the backwall of the fireplace before I can hang the burner in its place. Argh.
- get old bike fixed one last time before it dies. I'm too ashamed of the current state of my bike to bring it to a repair shop. New valve stems bought, hope that will solve the problem. Still have to change it.
- reach my weight goal so I can buy the new bike I promised myself. (This week no treats!)
- find cheapest planeticket to New Orleans for any time in 2012 and book it. (More specific: second half of November, just had an invitation to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US)
- find a good solution for hiding the cables that are currently running along the walls of my livingroom and bedroom. Cable 'serpentine' bought, now I have to stuff my cables into that thing.
- get 2 decent beds for my guestroom, get rid of the old ones (will happen on dec 11)
- see if I can find more furniture for guestroom
- move all non-essential sh*t from 'ironing-room' to attic
- Study for part 2 of ITIL V3 training.
- Fill out job-evaluation questionnaire.
- put up the bird feeder on the balcony again
- smash the current wireless doorbell to pieces and buy a set that DOES work properly.
- Buy a new (cheap) suit at C&A or Makro (deadline: dec 12)
- Bring bag with old coffee capsules to Nespresso-shop for recycling
- Check if I should switch healthcare providers. If yes, make it happen.
- Send scans of taxpapers to tax-advisor.
- File ALL the paperwork!

Also done:
* Glued/hammered metal keyhole covers on my cupboard doors
* Brought suits to tailor for modifications, bought new dress shirts as well.
* All X-mas cards sent!

New and updated to-do list:
* Find a way to get backwall of fireplace egalized (maybe put ad up on werkspot.nl)
* Find 4 more lights to replace the sad little lightbulbs
* Get the 2 bought lights installed (one requires extra work and 10-inch-long screws....)
* Put cables in 'serpentine'
* Pick up suits on thursday night
* Get a haircut thursday night
* Gather additional data for tax advisor to adjust my monthly payments
* Finish the photoalbum of our Scotland trip before the end of the month
* Digitalize the notebook from my Namibia trip
* Fix bike
* Book planeticket for New Orleans, november 2012
* Mayyyyyyybe get a ticket for Sziget (caveat: Liz & Erik's wedding is very close to that week)
* Pray for frost so my handymen get frost-leave from their construction work and can come install my new secondhand kitchen


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