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Sep. 19th, 2003

Almost weekend. What's in store?
Saturday: more radiomaking. Try-out behind the microphone to practice filling intros and going from one song to the next.
Sunday: Over to parents for mom's birthday. Got her a gold-covered little glass eye from Turkey. It's supposed to protect you from the Evil Eye. Like Sauron? ;)

Somewhere in between I gotta try to get my laundry and finances done.
Had a guided tour yesterday through one of the other hotels here in Noordwijk (Palace Hotel). Lot smaller than our hotel, but.... this weekend they're opening their state-of-the-art fitness center. And I have to admit... DAMN, that looked good. I might even consider going there for workouts. Must....do....excersizes.... It's that bloody mental fact that my dad now weighs less than me. I can't have that. Would be the first time in .... my life! Eek!

This is the turning point peeps. I haven't been feeling too good with my size this past half year (going to an office job, meaning even less running around), and after holiday even my suits are starting to feel a bit ... tight around the upperlegs, not to mention the belly.

And don't tell me I shouldn't be so worried about my weight. I know I'm not fat, but I'm far from slim. I *should* be worried. I don't want to go to the store anymore to buy a larger size than last time. I want to get rid of my lovehandle the size of an innertube. I'm sick and tired of sucking in my stomach every time I walk through the hotel. I'm a sales rep, I have a representative function and I should look sharp, not like a couch potato.

So I don't bleeping care if that fitness center is gonna cost me 75 Euro's a month (which they easily do nowadays). If they have professional staff and can give me the feeling they genuinely want to help me lose weight and improve my stamina, I'm going for it. This weight weighs as much on my mind as it does on my shoulders.


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