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Hey folks,

as you might have noticed, I'm not really all that active on LJ anymore. I do read it on a daily basis, but the writing has shifted to quick blurbs on Facebook and Twitter

Just to fill you in on the past two months:
- Living in Schiedam now. House isn't finished yet, but progress is steady as well as slow. See pics HERE (First: How it used to be, then how I'm tearing it up)
- No news in work-, health- or relationship-matters.

There, now you're filled in :) Seriously, the house is taking up most of my spare time, luckily I have friends who occasionally pull me out of the house to go catch a movie or see a band. Next weekend I have three workers coming over for more big jobs in the house, new windowframes are incoming, floor can get sanded and lacquered after that, and once those things are done, I can finally move the heavy furniture in and start decorating. In any case, don't have time or room for a B-day bash this weekend. I'll probably postpone it a couple of weeks, until the house is ready for one.

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