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Rob the Builder

Hah, I made a funny. Rob the Builder. I'm so easily amused.

Aaanyway, a lot has happened these past few months. Visited Israel, bought a home, pretended to be press at the GamesCom in Cologne and now... Now I'm in that new home. Last monday was the final check-up followed by the signing of the papers at the notary. Of course Murphy and his law had to rear their ugly heads, creating torrential downpour and a big traffic accident on the highway I needed to use to get to my new place.

So... my real estate agent did the final housecheck for me, gave it the green light, and I could go straight to the notary where I arrived only 10 minutes too late. Took me 1.45 hours to get from Katwijk to Schiedam. Ugh. Papers checked, papers signed, I got keys and a bottle of wine and off I went, all by myself, opening the door, giving it a loving SHOVE to open it properly, then I ascended the 32 steps to my living floor. I used that stair a LOT the first few days, dragging up all kinds of DIY and cleaning equipment, a plastic table, 4 fold up chairs, coffee maker, laptop, you know: the essentials :P

I had gas, water and electricity from the first moment, internet access a few hours later, then the whole plotting and planning started for real. What did I still need? What do I need NOW and what can wait after the big DIY weekend with helpers (sep. 11)?

Now it's Friday, the kitchen was thoroughly cleaned, found some electrical deathtraps (two OPEN extension cords, lovely) and took care of a lot of paperwork. I'm already officially a resident of Schiedam, I have a new GP and dentist, I had my first dinner with friends (take out pizza, of course. Haha) and I bought a shitload of stuff at the DIY store (they should know me by name by now).

The couch is gonna be fun. It's wider than my staircase, so eventually it needs to go in by elevator and open window. For the moment it's gonna be stored in the hallway at my old place (delivery expected in a week or two) until I've bought all the big and heavy things that need to follow the same route. The logistics of moving to an old house, wonderful.

Today I'm expecting the cable guy (who has 15 more minutes before he's officially late) and the electrician who's gonna install my new fuse box (he's 4 days late, by the way). In three weeks I'll be getting a new kitchendoor and -windows, things are coming along.

Which leaves me with the DIY stuff I need to do myself. I finally made a start this morning, cleaning all the wood and windowpanes in the bedroom with a water/ammonium hydroxide mixture (OHGODITSTINKSIMGONNADIEEE). Then I started sanding. I took a break to write this post. I have paint/wooddust everywhere in/on/over my body. Wheee! Thankfully I got a dustmask. Might still buy safety glasses though.

If anyone feels like dropping by and give me a hand (most likely sanding and cleaning) gimme a call. Your help and company is appreciated.

More updates as they follow.

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