Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Robbie D in da house

Every great journey begins with a single step, right?

Well, yesterday I stepped into the office of a real estate agent, asking her to help me in buying an apartment and getting the best deal for it.

The apartment in question? See pics here:

So, I feel like I just got on the rollercoaster and it's slowly going up to the point where you drop down and the wild ride starts. Tomorrow, I'm talking to a financial advisor about mortgages (don't worry Yanks, we don't have sub-primes here ;) and next Tuesday I'm going to visit the apartment together with my real estate agent and maybe my parents if they feel like driving up here. Depending on the agent's assessment, we'll work out a bidding strategy, get a building inspector to crawl down to the foundations, up to the roof and check everything in between. If THAT doesn't bring up anything serious, it's just me getting approved for the mortgage and before you know I'll be at the notary to sign the various contracts.

Wish me luck. Still many hurdles to take and no solid outcome yet, but at the least this is gonna be a learning experience. Worst-case scenario: no apartment but more experienced in the whole process of bidding and buying. Best-case-scenario: moving in to new apartment Sept 1st. But let's not count chickens before they're hatched..... Or as we dutchies say: don't sell the hide before you've shot the bear. Which is kinda strange since we don't have bears in The Netherlands, but you catch my drift.

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