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Physical therapy lady told me good things and bad things. Leg looks good, she gave my hamstring a very good stretch today (*owowowow*), then told me that insurance-wise I'm not allowed to drive a car while I still need crutches to walk. Since the estimate for walking without crutches is four to six weeks, I won't be leaving Eindhoven anytime soon. I slowly started on some light assignments for work again, but I notice that my head doesn't want to be "all there", and would rather veg out on the couch watching Dexter.

Anyway, my parents let me know that it's OK if friends want to come over for a visit, so I hereby extend the invitation. If anyone wants to come look me up in Eindhoven, let me know and I'll drop address and directions. If you let me know a little in advance you can even stay for lunch or dinner ;)

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