Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Hello everyone!

Still alive, still in Namibia, my last few days at the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Fed cheetahs, learned a lot about cheetahs, poop and blood, threw donkey heads out of a pick-up, went Extreme Makeover on the kitchen here, shot about 1500 photos of the wildlife (just missed the leopard, dammit!). Tuesday I'll be leaving for Windhoek, spending a few days there, eating some more wildlife (eland, zebra, etc.), then on Friday hoping to go on a trip to Sossusvlei (look it up on Wiki, it's pritty!) and Sunday night I'll spend my last night in Namibia at the posh Windhoek Country Club before flying home on Monday and arriving there on Tuesday the 8th.

Catch you all again soon!
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