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Last chance for a postcard!

At parents now. First helped brother install his new Blu-Ray, unfortunately it can't be hooked up to his 5.1 audio system. Blu-Ray has coaxial out, audio system has optical in. There ARE adapters out there (for sale online, not in stores), but it's iffy since it might lead to delays, causing audio and video to be out of synch. Anyone have experience with this?

After dinner (Kale/potato mash pot! a.k.a. boerenkoolstamp) mom most likely wants to inspect my suitcase and dad will certainly start to nag about luggage labels and address stickers. If I forgot anything, we can still go into town tomorrow (shops are open every first sunday of the month).

And in the meantime, I checkcheckdoublecheck :D

Reminder: Do you want a postcard from Namibia? Leave your address HERE (comments are screened). Two more days until I fly..... Dutch-language travel log at That was my final link spammage. See you all in a few weeks!
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