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T minus 6 days

OK, I always get the heebeejeebees when a holiday is coming up. Did I pack everything? Did I unplug my PC? Did I remove all perishables from the fridge? And for some reason I *always* manage to do screw something up. Not in a big way, but still.

Back in the days when I was still a boyscout, I always came back from camp with at least one piece of clothing missing. Or with a pair of socks that didn't belong to me. Then there's the legendary morning at Eindhoven Airport where I thought I forgot my passport, when in fact I forgot that I put my passport in my backpack the night before, so I wouldn't forget it. Got it? Good. That morning I think dad aged 5 years in 2 hours, rushing back home to help me find my passport, while mom tried to stall the bus heading to Brussels Airport. Oy vey.

So, with a history like that, I'm always nervous when travelling. Then on day two I discover what I did wrong or forgot, I slap my forehead, groan and move on. Silly, huh? So, the days before travelling I cling to my lists desperately, change them every few hours, lose sleep over trying to think what I could still possibly forget. Here, have another one

- Put music on my phone
- Bring earplugs to listen to said music
- Note down names and numbers of contacts in Namibia, including the photo guy with the shots of the dutch-adoption cheetahs
- Buy reading book (pocketsize) at Heathrow, preferably Mark Billingham (not interested in new Dan Brown)
- Disable my phone's usual behaviour of going online constantly.
- Sort what goes in checked luggage and what goes in carry-on luggage (I can hear George Carlin going "Carry-on? Carrion? I thought they were going to bring a dead deer on board!")

That'll be all. Unless you guys think of something I haven't thought of yet....

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