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Updated the look and colors of my LJ during office hours. Oh, how sneaky and unproductive I am... ;)
I'll be in London again the second week of October.
Our office team gathered enough brownie points to go eat at a fancy Japanese restaurant soon.
I spent too much money during holiday. Bankaccount flashes red warningsigns.
Have to come back in the office this saturday to do a guided tour for some important meetingplanner from Belgium. Bleh.
Clandestiny is supposedly a fun game, but winXP don't play them win95 games properly. And the patch is nowhere to be found. Bleh.
Finished Enter the Matrix with Ghost. Now trying the same with Niobe.
Also started on the Neverwinter Nights expansion. Looks good so far!

Eek, work interruption. Hard to suddenly speak German on the phone when you're typing in English. Better stop the post here. Heh.
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