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What a day. Drove to the therapist after work so he could examine my knee and come up with a battleplan. He compared both my knees, did some pulling and pushing, lifting and kneading.

"Well Rob, you still have quite some fluid in your bad knee. And yeah, your anterior cruciate ligament is definitely torn. Here, feel while I pull your good knee *tug, tug, tug*. Your leg sends a message to your brain going 'OK, that's far enough, now pull back!'. And now I pull your bad knee *tuuug, tuuuug, tuuuug*. Feels like an old rubber band, right? That's because your ligament doesn't send any messages right now, allowing your knee to stretch further than it should.

But here's the deal: we're going to work on your stability and security. Our goal is to get your knee back into shape so that you can run, jump and even play squash again without fear. We can do this in three months, with two supervised one-hour sessions a week. So ideally we'd like to have a total of 24 sessions with you, but it depends on your health care provider if they're all covered. You'd better check with them first and if it's less than 24 we can either cut down on the number of session and have you go to the gym instead, unsupervised. Or, you could pay for a couple of sessions yourself. In any case, we'll start on monday and here's a list of exercises you can do over the weekend."

I return home, go online, check my coverage, slightly anxious because I only have the basic coverage. "Physical therapy: in case of chronic pain/injury: all sessions after the first ten. If cause not chronic: zero." Oh shit. I keep on reading, also checking the more expensive add-on packages. One covers four sessions, one covers 18, and the super-duper-ultra-mega-sparkly package coveres any number of sessions. I decide to call the provider.

"Yeah, so here's my problem. I have the basic coverage, I got injured, I need therapy but there's no therapy in my current coverage. Can I upgrade?"
"Sure you can! Starts next month and by the end of the year you can cancel the extra package again if you want."
"Eh... seriously? ORLY?"
"*does a little math* Let's see, so I either stick with the basic coverage and have to pay 24 sessions out of my own pocket, or I take the middle package for 5 months and get 18 sessions covered for the price of 5... Lemme think for a moment. Well, DUH! Sign me up!"

So all I need to do now is tell the therapist that he's been booked for 18 sessions (we'll see about those last six when we get there). And we need to do some .. err ... creative bookkeeping so that I can train from July to September while he bills my insurer from August to October. If I can manage that, I think I've got myself a good deal out of it all.

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