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This weekend.... It was both good and terrible. Read and shiver.

Friday: I'd asked the day off, but boss left the request in her inbox for a week and a half, only finding it the day before. She looked at me with puppy eyes and asked if I could please work the morning. I agreed under the condition that I could work from home. And so, around noon I turned my PC off, put a suit on and started the drive to Maastricht to attend the wedding of two good friends: Johnny and Nynke. The drive takes 2,5 hours under normal circumstances. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. I managed to avoid two traffic jams, but got stuck in three others and in the end it took me 4,5 hours to get there. As a result, I was so late for the wedding ceremony that I decided to head to the reception location instead of the chapel. Needless to say I was rather frustrated at that point. Luckily, my mood improved when all the wedding guests started to arrive. I hugged, kissed and congratulated the bride and groom, then spent the rest of the evening catching up with REALLY old friends that I lost contact with when they moved out of town, while I still studied in Maastricht. One of them moved to Finland, another to Spain, I met the latter's wife and kid, heard that another friend also got married a few weeks ago... It was a night full of shocks and discoveries :) After the reception, there was a small group of 15 left, including the happy couple, and we decided to end the night in our old, favorite watering hole: Irish Pub The Shamrock. Ahh, more good memories, talking to the owner, having a drink back in the place that was like a second (third?) home to me during my student years.

Everyone went their seperate ways around 1am, I drove to my parents in Eindhoven, hit the pillow and was out like a light.

Saturday: no time to sleep in, since I was expected at the Walibi World theme park around 11am for the company's annual field trip. Having never been there myself, I was rather excited to rekindle my old love for rollercoasters. I wasn't disappointed. The park was small enough to see everything in half a day, yet spacious enough to not feel crowded. In addition, it wasn't really busy so I never had to stand in line for more than half an hour. I took on all the big rides: The X-press (formerly: The Superman ride), Goliath, Robin Hood, El Condor, El Rio Grande and the crazy logs. And in the process, while getting out of the river rapid boat, I managed to twist my knee once again. Not completely, but it was painful enough to hamper me for the rest of the day. I tried to walk as little as possible, sat at a strategic location in the main square to shoot many colleagues as the unofficial company photographer. The day ended with a BBQ, then I crawled to the car and drove home. There, I put my leg up, turned on the XBOX and finished Prototype, effectively going to bed at 3.30am.

So now it's sunday, my leg still hurts, I cancelled my radio show tonight and I'm just gonna lie here, surf web, take it easy and hopefully be somewhat fit enough to go to work. After work (if I can manage to walk), I'm gonna drop by the gym and have a chat with the resident physio-therapist. Three twists (and two semi twists) in the past 9 months is more than enough for me. That knee MUST get stronger or it'll seriously hamper me during my time in Africa.

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