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Three weeks. Three whole delicious gorgeous weeks of not working have now come to an end. A visit to Turkey, a visit from one of my best friends, and a football match of the dutch national team against Austria (3-1) are all behind me now. Tomorrow it's back in suit and back in business. Darned, if only you could get paid for doing nothing......

So, right, update thingie.... Where to start. The holiday in Turkey was just plain lazy. There was a huge archeologic dig just a few miles away (Ephesus). Normally I'd go there in a heartbeat sniffing up culture, but this time.... I couldn't be bothered. 7 entire days of eating, drinking, sunning (came home slightly bronze even!) and going out into town. Bought myself a gorgeous chessboard (with marble and dolphins) and matching greek pieces.

Upon returning home after exploring Raki, Efes beer, turkish cuisine and a turkish bathhouse (MAN, those turks know how to scrub you down) I needed two days to slide back into the Dutch way of life. Finished Kingdom Hearts on roomie's Playstation and moved on to Enter The Matrix. I'm at the nuclear reactor as we speak. In the mean time visited my folks. Mom and dad have each lost an astonishing amount of pounds thanks to a local dietist (sp?). My dad lost over 20 kg, and the sad truth is now that I weigh more than my father. One of these days I need to visit that wonderguy myself. The trick is never to get hungry. You have to force yourself to eat a little snack once every hour. Even if you don't feel hungry, cos when you get that feeling, it's already too late. That's what makes you grab the chocolate/ice cream/insert bad food here. Now all I need is the bloody discipline.

Enough about selfpity, on with the holiday report. Had dinner at mom and dad's, drove on to Maastricht for a night out with ye old drinking buddies. I behaved myself with two beers and a few sodas ;) Next day, out for dinner at the best indonesian restaurant in the country. Well, actually it's more a small house with a few tables, but for relatively little money you get a ricetable that could feed an orphanage, foods ranging from mild to uberspicy. Dang, I'm drooling. :)

The next four days I took two good friends from Maastricht (boyfriend/girlfriend) with me to Katwijk and showed them around my new neighborhood. Went to Leiden, Scheveningen, The Hague, Amsterdam, and a good time was had by all. Bought some D&D novels at the American Book Center (Dragonlance War of Souls trilogy and the Legacy of the Drow trilogy). Oh, and we even visited the dutch parliament! (The second chamber as we call it). We spent a few minutes on the public tribune and watched one of our ministers defend his proposal for changing a law involving rearranging the chain of command for the emergency medical and firefighting services. Boring political talk, but it was cool to sit in the hall that you normally only see on TV.

The last few days were spent trying to get back into normal mode, cleaning house, and yesterday was the last good part of the holiday, going to see our national football team play austria in a qualifying match for the European Soccer Championships 2004 in Portugal. It was a gift the hotel I work at received from the national football association, because we always accommodate the players right before their matches. So, with 60 other colleagues, we got on a touringbus and drove to the stadium. As said, Holland won 3 to 1, so the mood on the way back was pretty good. In order to get the bus out of the parkinglot again, we had to 'move' a few cars, which added to the fun of the night. Picture 12 guys picking up a car, moving it a metre and putting it down again. Lucky for us, none of the cars had an alarm ;)

So, that's where I've been these past few weeks. Saw Pirates of the Carribbean too (rocks!). Whoah! Almost forgot two important things.

1. I had a jobinterview for DJ/sidekick at a local webradiostation. I got the job!! WOOT! Somewhere this or next month I'll start to learn the ropes about working for a radio station. It's a volunteer weekend job, so don't worry, I didn't quit at the hotel. Check out MonsterHitsFM for the stream. It's on from 10am to 10pm CET.

2. I found a gamingclub nearby! Finally I can start playing D&D, bloodbowl and all those games again with likeminded geeks. Err.... nerds. Err..... people. Yeah, that's it. People! :)

So, how have YOU all been?
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