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Time for an update

Whoah, 3 weeks without a proper update. Blame it on Twitter

Anyway, 140 characters only get you so far, hence this post. Hey Rob, how 'ya doing? Not too bad, actually.

- Three zoo trips in the course of two weeks. Fun. Lots of practice with my camera. Two weeks from now I have to practice on totally different moving objects: all company employees on their trip to Walibi World (formerly Six Flags Holland). Prague was lots of fun too, though all the hustlers trying to pull you into stripclubs, nightclubs and bars were rather annoying.

- Work is keeping me busy, not in the least by current boss and my company haggling over fees and costs. Good news: assignment is extended to Aug 1st, bad news: I'm going back from 40 to 32 hours. Which means I'll probably be put to work at the office one day a week, doing chores to keep you busy. Hopefully they find something useful for me to do or they don't find anything at all and decide I can say home that one day. But I'm not counting on the latter. Oh well, at least I have a steady contract, so this doesn't influence my paycheck too much.

- Healthwise I'm still struggling with a strange rash on my lower leg. Doc first thought it was Erisypelas but after two sets of anti-biotics it's still here. So now I'm waiting for my healthinsurance company to find me a hospital where I can see a dermatologist (I called one hospital myself, they said 'come by in 6 weeks!', so now I let the experts in the 'waiting list mediation' department handle it). Wanna get rid of it. About twice a day I get the Itch From Hell attack.

- Tomorrow is the family's annual deluxe fancy restaurant trip. This year it's Restaurant Cordial in Oss. Really looking forward to that.

- Less than 5 months until Namibia. Laurie Marker visited The Netherlands last month and she was anxious to show me everything at the Cheetah Conservation Fund once I get there. Heck, even if they let me collect poo all month, I'll still enjoy myself.

- Dad struck a deal at work and as of this week, he's officially retired. Bless him. Now mom and him can have some peace of mind and settle down. All the work-related stress really got to him, and thus affected her just as much. Soon, a very, very old and very rare bottle of Scotch whisky will be opened to celebrate the fact. He's had that bottle for as long as I can remember.....

- Nokia N97. 3 weeks and counting. Want. Ordered.

- Within a month I'll be sending off an official demo-tape as radio-DJ to 3FM, with the help of Roger from Monsterhit Music. In the 'it's now of never' category, 3FM has put out a competition where they'll pick one lucky guy or girl to join the regular DJ's for a jingle-production workshop. The winner will get their own official 3FM jingle, a thorough evaluation of their demo and possibly a weekly spot on national radio. It'll be a graveyard-shift, but that's where all the big names started.

That's all I can think of right now. Questions, anyone?
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