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Dragonball Evolution

Just .... no.



To illustrate: during the movie, everyone in the cinema was heckling. It could have been an Uwe Boll movie. I weep for Chow Yun Fat and the guy who plays Spike in Buffy.

Can I now have my money and two hours of my life back please?


Apr. 11th, 2009 12:42 pm (UTC)
I've seen the workprint version damanique mentioned. As a stand-alone action movie I would call it shallow but entertaining overal.

However the "fucked up" part leads me to believe we're talking from a point of view where one is familiar with the source material.

To be honest I don't care that much about the accuracy of Wolverine's backstory. I'm more disturbed by the portrayal of several well-established Marvel characters.


.... OK?

* Wolverine - grumpy as always. You know him from the other movies.
* Sabertooth - new actor but doing it pretty well.
* Wolverine's love interest - Kayla Silver Fox, apparently. Though in the movie she's Emma Frost's older sister, but that would make her Adrienne Frost, which she's not. And she has Cordelia Frost's (Emma's younger sister) powers. Wabbuh?
* Gambit - young, emo and can make cards float. Yeah, they still explode but behold the power of CG, he can now make them float as well! Oh and on top of being just versatile with his fighting stick he can also charge it with power!
* Agent Zero - yeah, forget everything about him. He gets killed off pretty soon anyway.
* John Wraith - See Agent Zero. Basically mutant-fodder. But a good performance by Will.i.am
* Blob - ... no mass-shifting powers in sight. Instead he has indestructible skin. And he's skinny. And later just eats himself to the size we all know and love. And it's explained that he gets to be that size because of his skin holding it all together. WTF? I liked the Blob who was proud of who he was, instead of this one who's just another lame excuse for fat-jokes.
* Bolt - yay, it's NOT Beak as everyone speculated! Thankfully the creators made that change. But then again... he's really also just fodder in this movie. And why choose Bolt over any other major Marvel character?
* Deadpool - ... no. Just... GAH WHY?!? Great acting by Ryan Renolds though. But no cancer, no trademark effed up skin, no mask, no 4th wall to break and at the climax of the movie all the powers get "pooled" into him to create one super mutant as the big baddy. Oh and they remove his mouth in the process. Thanks for completely ruining such a great character Gavin Hood and David Benioff!

Best parts? Emma Frost and Scott Summers as teenagers, showing their roles of future X-men leaders, and at the end of the movie a surprise cameo!

Edited at 2009-04-11 12:46 pm (UTC)


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