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"Hi, I'm Rob, I have an appointment for shots."
- "Ah yes, you're going to Namibia for 5 weeks to volunteer, right?"
- "Well, in that case we suggest Hepatitis A, B and the combined Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio shot."
"That's what I read, yes. No yellow fever?"
- *checks* "Not really, no. As long as you don't cross the border to Angola, you should be safe."
- When are you going again?"
- *checks* "Ahhh, that's the beginning of the malaria season. Here's a bunch of names for malaria tablets you can take. There's the one-a-day option, which is safe but expensive. And there's the one-a-week option, which is cheaper but CAN have side-effects on some people. We advise to try one or two of them in the month before you go, so you could switch if something happened."
"Uhmmm... what kind of side-effects?"
- "Well... there have been reports of depression, loss of concentration and listlessness, but that doesn't mean that any of those things will happen to you. As said, some people have side effects, others don't."
"Right ... uhm ... I'll keep it in mind."
- "Oh, while we're on the subject of malaria: don't forget DEET repellant and a mosquito net."
"Right, thanks."
- "Yes, by the way, you know the diarrhea-mantra, don't you?"
"I'm sorry?"
- "Cook it, boil it, peel it or forget it. It's a tip to help prevent diarrhea."
"I see... But what if I DO catch it?"
- "Take ORS bags with you, like Dioralyte Rice to prevent dehydration. If you suffer for three days or longer, take Loperamide a.k.a. Imodium."
"Eh, I hope I won't be needing it, but thanks. Was that all?"
- "What's the exact nature of your volunteer work, if I may ask?"
"I'm gonna work at the Cheetah Conservation Fund."
- "Oh! Eh, interesting. So you're gonna work with animals?"
"Well, I don't think I'll be in direct contact with the cheetahs, but there'll be goats and guarddogs, so yeah, there will be animals."
- "Hrm... In that case we strongly recommend you to take a set of three rabies-shots as well. It won't make you completely immune, but it WILL improve your chances of survival if you do get bitten."
- "Oh, and I do read here that you're just on the border of the Tuberculosis area. We don't have any shots to prevent you from catching it, but we can test your blood for TBC before and after your trip.
"I'll... keep it in mind. So, did we tackle every possible disease now?"
- "I'm suppose you're smart enough not to engage in unsafe sex while there?"
- "I thought so. Then my last advice: don't go swimming or skinny dipping in freshwater. You might catch Schistosomiasis from tiny snails. Here's a leaflet."
"Yummy. Can I just have my shots now?"
- "Sure." *stabstabstab* "Now pay this bill and we'll see you back in four weeks for round number two. Then you can let us know if you want those rabies shots or not."
"Eh. We'll see. Bye."
- "Goodbye, sir."

Bill: Vaccination passport, consult, DTP, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B (2 shots, 1 paid in advance): EUR 135. Whoah.
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