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Quick update (since I don't Twitter)

* went to the hospital for my knee check-up. Doc advised getting physio-therapy to work on stronger muscles, but other than that, I'm fine. He made a new appointment 6 months from now, which I'm free to cancel if I think I'm good.

* need to cancel or renew my mobile phone contract. Now if only Nokia would FINALLY drop a release date on the N97, I can get started on that.

* Filled out and faxed Namibian work visa application to CCF. Mailed deposit form as well. Still waiting on feedback if everything came through OK.

* Shiny new passport get!

* Am hooked on Puzzle Quest Galactrix like Amy Winehouse on booze.

* Looked into volunteer radio-DJ-positions closer to home than my current studio. No dice. Unless I want to work for the local christian station. Eh, no.
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