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I must be in touch with my feminine side, cos I've been having quite some moodswings the past week, ranging from depressingly angsty to helplessly insecure to deliriously happy. Perhaps I'm not going along with the times. I seem to be focused on getting a good job, settling down, finding an SO, buy a house and live happily ever after. And every time I discover life doesn't work that way and loves to throw curveballs at me, I find myself getting frustrated.

OK, what seems to be my current situation? Sales & Marketing Officer at a hotel, at least until march 2004. After that it's hightly likely I'll be looking for another position, either in the hotel, or elsewhere. I am so clueless when it comes to 'finding a new job'. Do I want to go back to F&B? Pro: tips, direct contact with your guests. Con: irregular hours, 12 hour days possible, working in the weekends. Do I want to stay in an office job? Reverse the pro's and cons. I'm seriously considering making an appointment with a career-guidance agency, do a few tests to see where my future lies, what I'm good at, because I can't seem to make up my mind without help from others. Mom & dad are trying to send me off to the UK, knowing that I love the country (and have the accent. Someday, you'll get proof calli).

But enough of my insecurities. John Lennon sums it up best of all: "Life's what happens to you, while you're busy making other plans."

In other news.... Got a bottle of Pimms as 'thank you' for giving a guided tour through the hotel last friday. Gods, I love that stuff. And you don't notice you're drinking alcohol until you're trying to get up after your 5th half pint. ;)

Friday night was uneventful, I think. Can't remember doing anything important. Apart from watching CSI that is. Love that show.

Saturday... Remember I wrote that my car battery was dead? Well, today I tried to get it started again. I don't have cables so I looked around the industrial area to find a garage with a starting kit. All the garages were closed, and all the autoparts shops tried to SELL me those things (ranging from 80 to 350 Euros). In the end, I visited the office of the taxicompany that works with the hotel a lot. Luckily a few of the drivers recognised me. Before I knew it I met the owners and a taxi was driving me back home to help me start my car. Talk about 5* service ;) Gave the driver a bottle of wine as thanks.

Next: off to the DIY, and the carwash. Since I needed to drive a few miles in order to fully charge the battery, I decided to visit Leiden, a nearby city. Helped two Czech backpackers along the way who were hitchhiking back home. (Hitchhiking is officially not allowed, but police doesn't really care as long as you're not standing along a highway). Did a bit of shopping, got myself the latest Mark Billingham book, called Lazybones. Ate delicious tapas at a Spanish cantina, then went back home, discovering that all the carwashplaces had closed for the day. D'oh!

Saturday night, I flipped a coin and decided to visit the Yorin Sunset Dance party, a huge open-air dance party on the beach of Noordwijk. 4 DJ's, 16000 people where only 10000 were expected. It was packed, but great! Luckily I could park my car in the staffgarage of the hotel, cos the rest of the town was controlled by the 'local authorities.' The town was swamped with partypeople, some drunk, some stoned, some high on XTC. Your regular dancecrowd basically :) In that human sea, I even managed to find a few colleagues, and a good time was had by all. Lots of eye-candy too ;)

Sunday: no ringing in my ears, which was a good start of the day. And then I felt an itch, and another one, and another one.... Yes, the local mosquito family used me as a banquet again. I swear... put me in a room with 100 others, I'm the first one to get stung. Got in the car, drove to parents for dad's birthday. Saw some relatives, ate, drank, spent the afternoon outside in the garden. Even helped my mom clean tiger prawns (Grab and twist off head, spread legs, break shell, peel shell off, remove intestines. YUMMY! ;p).

And now it's monday again. Another weekend gone by. Only five more days until my holiday starts. 8 days Turkey, then two more weeks lounging around the house, doing some sightseeing, inviting people over... Perhaps even finish painting my Bloodbowl team. Oh well, we'll see what happens. I'll start worrying again on sept 8th, when my holiday is over.
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