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To-do for Africa

1. Get mugshot taken for new passport, tonight
2. Order new passport tomorrow morning
3. Pick up new passport next week
4. Put new passport number on Cheetah Conservation Fund registration form
5. Fill out rest of registration form
6. Make copy of passport
7. Print out my resume
8. Fill out official Namibian visa form (also needs new passport nr)
9. E-mail CCF registration form to CCF
10. Fax visa forms, resume and copy of passport to CCF to get visa-approval process started
11. Wait for the pain next month when first CCF deposit and visa fees will bite a chuck out of my bank account
12. Wait for visa to be processed and for visa papers to be sent to me.
13. Get in contact with local health services to plan appointment for hepatitis A, diphtheria/tetanus/polio, and yellow fever shots. (Note to self: LUMC Vaccinatiepoli 071-5263636 (mon-fri 09:30-11:30))
14. Panic, plan and shop more and more until plane lands in Namibia on Nov. 3.
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