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Creation vs. Evolution.

Today's WTF, courtesy of ... The Netherlands!

EMMEN - All Dutch people will receive a brochure in the mail at the end of february, that wants to put the evolution theory up for discussion. Conservative Christian organisations that believe that God created the world in six days are responsible for the text. 6.6 million copies of the brochure will be printed over the next month. The coördinator of the campaign, also chairman of the Bible & Education Society says that the evolution theory is a faith and just as impossible to prove as the Creation theory.

Followers of the evolution theory have already designed a mailbox sticker that will hopefully prevent them from getting the brochure in the mail. The first batch of the sticker with the text "YES evolution, NO creation" has already sold out. Christian organisations are working on their own sticker with the exact opposite text.

A total of 30 organisations support the Creational Action Committee that was founded for the campaign. They will finance the event that will cost around 250.000 Euro (US$ 320.000). "Our goal is to put a discussion in motion. On many schools the evolution theory is seen as absolute truth. There may be some attention to Creation but teachers say that the theory isn't true. Plus there's no questions on Creation in any exam. We believe that children have a right to hear both sides."


Feb. 1st, 2009 05:34 am (UTC)
The way some evolution zealots act, their level of faith in the theory far surpasses many Christian creationists... There is a point, whether you believe in evolution or creationism, where you just have to accept it at blind faith. They still haven't found the "missing link" to without-a-doubt prove that humans evolved from the lower apes. Lucy is close, but not quite. It's going to be incredibly hard to prove it, but the fact that people *believe* that link *does* exist proves that evolution is theory and not fact. Me? I believe in evolution. But I'm not about to take one of the oldest accounts of what happened in our history and trash it. The Bible has been proven to be right where science has said "no, it's wrong". Ever hear of the Hittite Empire? For hundreds (thousands?) of years, people thought the Hittites were just an allegorical story until they unearthed the artifacts. I'm not saying that the Bible is necessarily right, but they both stand to have an equal chance to being wrong as well. Or as I've heard some people believe, maybe they're both right ;)


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