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And here we are again. Sitting behind my desk in the office, wasting time while I should be working. Normally it’s not my style. Today I’m just not feeling very energetic. I wish I’d have the strength to update my journal more often, but a) it’s not very interesting to write about the same things every time, b) I don’t dream so my dreams don’t need explaining, c) the handful of people that DO read my journal, I see often enough on the mucks or elsewhere anyway. But I paid for this thing, so I’m gonna friggin’ use it, OK? :)

- My Stan remix was quite succesfull in the dutch remixers forum, my explicit lyrics mix was gunned down. Hey, can’t have it all ;p
- Car’s giving me a hard time. I have a slight malfunction in my car that keeps the lights on my radio burning even after I turn off the engine. Normally it’s not a problem, but the darned lights DO kill my battery if I don’t use the car for 5 days. Since I promised myself to take the bike to work every day, my car feels neglected and punishes me with a dead battery exactly at that time when I need the car the most (grocery shopping). There are a few garages in my street, but can’t really visit since they’re only open during office hours, the exact hours that I’m supposed to be at work :D. Oh well, Saturday then. And anyway, the car will be serviced when I’m on holiday, including a replacement of the radio.
- Mucks can be quiet, Mucks can be fun. I never thought that you could have TOO much fun on them. At a certain point last …. Sunday I think, I got three pages of different furs who felt like cuddling. Within a 5 minute time frame! So that’s what it feels like to be popular :)
- Anyone know where I might find a user’s guide (manual) for Acid Pro 4.0?
- Damn _greywolf_ for showing those T-shirts on Liquid Blue!! I want this one badly!

That sums it all up for now. Hey dutchfurs: still wanna try and get that roleplay group going?

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