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Hello 2009!

Hey all, it's me again.

I survived 11 days of celebrations, meeting friends, meeting family and generally having a good time. Went to the biggest professional music store in Europe and bought NOTHING!, had a genuine Italian cup of hot cioccolata, drank authentic Cuban rum, played games, slept in and finally found a remedy for my cat-allergy. Your basic generic Loratadine anti-histamine pills. One pill a day and no problems around cats for me anymore. Wow. Who'd a thunk?

This month I'm going Spartan (water and bread) to lose some weight. Let's see where I stand in a week or four. But because one should always have something to look forward to, I made a reservation for our fourth annual family fancy dinner.

After De Lindenhof in Nuenen, Oud Sluis in Sluis and Da Vinci in Maasbracht, we're going to Cordial in Oss, the restaurant with the youngest 'star'-chef in the country. Nomnomnom. Exactly 5 months from now.

And exactly 10 months from now I'll be in Namibia.

Damn, I'm daydreaming when I should be working. I'm back at the company's office now, rewriting trainings and readers. Luckily I can have some music here. Last.fm for the win. My most recent 'beautiful' discovery is Incubus – Aqueous Transmission. Give it a listen.

Right, back to the grindstone.


Jan. 6th, 2009 08:29 pm (UTC)
Yay, someone backs me up! It's difficult to speak about dieting being bad in this day and age. But dieting *will* mess up your metabolism. 95% of dieters gain back all the weight they lost within 5 years, and 32% of them will gain back MORE than they were before. The more extreme the diet, the worse the yoyo-effect.

Eating healthy and exercising frequently are always good habits to have. But torturing your body by not giving it the energy it needs? Not good. Work *with* your body to be healthy - not against it.

Meanwhile, my doctor actually told me the Sonja Bakker diet puts people at a higher risk for diabetes. Way to go!


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