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Awesome DM skillz

So, last D&D session of the year yesterday, and I was DM. I decided to pull out all the stops and brought a laptop with music. It was a particularly actionpacked adventure about a tavern with a singing ghost and an undead outbreak. So when my adventurers entered said tavern, they actually heard a haunting female voice singing in Elvish. And when all hell broke loose in town and the crew had to run, fight, climb and battle through the streets to save villagers along the way and get to the source of the infestation, they were accompanied by bombastic action-music (The Rock - Original Soundtrack ;)).

Unfortunately the adventure was too big to handle in one night so I had to cut it short. But despite the party not making it to the end, they all agreed that this was the most awesome roleplay night they had in a long, long time.

And when the party goes home happy, the DM is happy too. I didn't get them very blooded, but their healing surges went down fast thanks to a few wights here and there. Mwahaha.

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