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- Boss is trying to find me a new assignment. Chances are I'm gonna get sent to a thorpe village called Hedel a.k.a. The Middle Of Nowhere. Which would mean almost four hours of commuting every day through rush hour traffic. I'm not amused. He'd better throw extra cash my way or book me a motel nearby.

- Today I'm getting the results of the MRI scan of my knee. The darned thing keeps on bothering me. I'm afraid to run, to jump, climbing stairs is doable but not comfortable. Every now and then my knee reminds me that it's not OK by threatening to go *crunch* again. I so hope that it can be solved with exercise. Anything but surgery.

- In good news: thanks to the charity fund at work, it looks like I'm getting a 5000 euro cheque from the company to take along with me to the Cheetah Conservation Fund next year. Keep your fingers crossed.


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Dec. 4th, 2008 09:57 am (UTC)
My mom's had a lot of knee trouble and had to quit playing tennis. Exercise helps, but moreover, you probably should lower the stress on your knee as much as possible... which means losing weight. (Just like me and my back, really. :\)

With a knee, too little exercise may not be good, but too much is bad too.

I hope the MRI tells you more. *hugs*

Ugh, a 4 hour commute sucks... I hope you find a good solution for that. A motel or hotel would be a good solution - that kind of commute doesn't do wonders for your stress or energy levels, let me tell you.
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