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So 15 november it's the third installment of Games In Concert. A full symphonic orchestra and a choir playing and singing famous themes from computergames, with guestmusicians After Forever and Wibi Soerjadi. I'll be taking Roomie Rick and jonesybunny there. Today I found the playlist. Oh. My. God. Party time.

Tickets are still available!

Alone in the Dark 5 (Main Theme)
Bioshock (Welcome to Rapture)
Bubble Bobble (Theme)
Donkey Kong Country (Theme)
Duke Nukem (Main Theme)
Final Fantasy VI (Opera Maria and Draco)
Haze (Main Theme & Rebels March)
Hitman Bloodmoney (Theme)
Mafia (Main Theme)
Metal Gear Solid (The best is yet to come)
Overlord II (Main Theme) <-WORLD PREMIERE
Portal (Still Alive)
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (Medley)
Red Alert 3 (Hell’s March 3) <-WORLD PREMIERE
Silent Hill 2 (Theme of Laura)
Super Mario Galaxy (Good Egg Galaxy) *nudges caniche*
World of Warcraft (Lament of the Highborne)
Universe at War (Divine Intervention)
The Legend of Zelda (Main Title)


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