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Triple birthday bash

OK, looks like it's up to me to post the info....

Saturday November 8th, there'll be a party in Katwijk to celebrate another aging day for me, jonesybunny and hiryu.

The fun starts at 15.00 and will be asian themed. There'll be sushi, sake, chinese food, a Noodle Western (Asian Spaghetti Western) movie, weird snacks and drinks and if people want to sumo wrestle out in the garden, I won't stop them.

We expect (at least) the following guests: Thaily, Pegla, Taross, Haze, Clicky, Bander and Jose. Unfortunately Dama has a prior engagement.

Jones has not yet posted a wishlist.
Hiryu has.
And so have I.

Jones and Hiryu: copy this invitation to your own LJ or spread the word personally.

Everyone else: Let me/us know you're coming or not. I'm looking forward to see all of you next weekend.
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