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Yep, that time is coming up again. November fourth, in two weeks from now, I'll be turning .... ehm ..... eleven-and-twenty. Now I know that a lot of my friends are having a little financial trouble these days, so I kindly ask them not to worry too much about getting me gifts. Just the attention and well-wishes are enough and kindly appreciated.

If you do feel like giving something, I’m going to steal an idea that a friend once used: make me a CD of your favorite songs, so I get a good idea of your personal taste in music. It’s a little look inside your soul, so to speak. And being the musical creature that I am, I’m always curious to find out what music other people love.

And finally, if you have no problems whatsoever and want to celebrate the occasion by buying something in a shop, here’s a small list of suggestions:
- CSI Las Vegas DVD box. Season 8, part 1 (For sale: Nov 4th)
- Kung Fu Panda, Special Edition DVD (For sale: Nov 5th)
- Car perfume (those tiny bottles you clip onto your AC vent. NO smelly Magic Trees or things you hang from your rear view mirror please)
- USB card reader for SD/mini/micro
- Any good concert-DVD that needs to be played LOUD in one’s car.

Party details will follow. There's a likely possibility I'll be combining it with jonesybunny's birthday party.

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