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And all of a sudden, things got angsty

OK, for a change I'm actually pretty freaked out.

Had an 'informal evaluation' today. Boss told me what she thought of me.
Now here it comes.... I'm doing a good job in my new function, she's glad to see I'm learning what it's like to be in the office instead of in a restaurant for a change.


She can see this is not where I belong. My talents are not used to their full capacity. And even though she's not complaining about me in my current job, she wouldn't renew my contract next year. Because she thinks she knows that deep down inside *I* know that this is not where I want to be. She reckons that this 'cold shower' might help me re-evaluate my situation.

So, she's not disappointed in my or my work, but she still wouldn't renew my contract, because she thinks I would be happier somewhere else. Perhaps at an entertainment company, anywhere with lots of people around me. "There where the action is." In her eyes I'm not a 'behind-the-scenes' kind of guy.

She stressed that I shouldn't see this in a negative way. She knows I'm trying. She knows I'm 'pure gold'. Just not at a sales department. So, no matter if I do my best or not, next year I'll be looking for a new job again. Within the hotel, or even outside.

Why did she come to this conclusion before I did?
I wanna cry. Somebody comfort me.
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