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Work & Music

Yay for animated gifs ;)
(I purposely didn't lj-cut this. Everyone needs kitties on their LJ friends page!)


* Just employed

You listen to Stevie Wonder. It's the first day of work and you feel wonderful. The happiness of the music keeps you motivated.

* After 3 months ...

You listen to House music. You're so busy that you don't even know whether you just arrived or about to leave. The beat of the music matches your heartrate.

* After 6 months ....

You listen to Heavy Metal. Your working day starts at 8.00 and ends at 20.00. The violence of the music keeps you awake.

*After 9 months ...

You listen to Hip Hop. You put on weight because of stress, you're constipated and the lyrics strenghten your feelings of "Me against the world".

* After 1 year ...

You listen to Gangsta Rap. You have a constant headache, you forgot the meaning of the sentence "Have a nice day!", you feel as if you just fell out of bed and live only on caffeine. You consider wearing 'bling', buying 'a piece' and 'bustin' a cap' in your boss' head.

* At the end, after the 2nd year...

You listen to Techno music. Techno. Techno. Techno. Techno. Techno. Your work is as monotone as the beat. Congratulations, you're now officially an office drone.
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