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Mussels in Brussels

Yesterday night I had a company dinner. Besides talking about all kinds of Important Workrelated Stuff (TM), the bosses also revealed where our department weekend was going to be. And the answer was Brussels. Niiiice.

So tomorrow at noon we're all expected at the Royal Windsor Hotel for coffee and belgian bonbons, followed by a few hours of sightseeing or shopping. Then it's time to change into formal attire, have a drink and make our way to Restaurant Scheltema for a nice dinner, after which we'll probably end up in a typical belgian bar or maybe even the Grand Casino. Then off to bed, a big breakfast buffet in the morning and that'll be the end of it. Think I'll stroll around Brussels a bit more before heading home. I decided to leave the car home for a change and take the train. First class. Go me.

Yes, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.

With a little luck I won't think about the new car for two days ;)

P.S. Ehmmmm, jonesybunny, think you could drop me off at Leiden station around 9 a.m.?.....
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