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More car-rant!

Getting sick of me ranting yet? Guess how I feel.... even though I know it's just a stupid car. It's still MY stupid car :)

Yesterday afternoon Honda salesman calls me. He himself had received a call from the VDO Dayton nav-guy that he regretfully had to break his solemn vow to bring the nav set that day, but he swore on the blood of his children and the head of his wife that the set would be delivered the next day! At that point, the salesman said to the nav-guy: "Last three times I believed you, this time I don't. Stick it where the sun don't shine, I'm calling the new owner (me) first."

So the extra hours that were booked at the workshop for installing the stuff were lost to me. With a deep sigh, I told the salesman to book a new slot at the workshop. If the nav is in by then, it'll be installed. If not, I'm getting the standard CD player while the salesman and I look for a whole new set (and most likely a whole new supplier as well).

All in all, next tuesday at the very latest I'll have my car, with or without navigation. Or heads will roll.

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