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Mailed the Honda car-salesman this morning if the nav system had come in yet and when he thought the car would be ready. No reply. Intent on getting some answers I drove past the Honda garage after work. Turns out that answering my mail was still on his to-do list.
- He phones the workshop to ask if the nav had come in yet. It hadn't, it's STILL on backorder. In an icy voice the salesman let the workshopman know to inform him sooner about these kind of things.
- Salesman phones his nav-store contact why there was no delivery last thursday. "My" particular navigation model is still suffering from the delivery problems due to the extra repairs for i-pod and radio reception. Salesman gets slightly miffed and tells the nav-man to come up with a solution because an angry customer (me) is holding a knife to his throat (figure of speech, but I might bring a knife along next time...). So, after some negotiating, the following solution was found.

a) If the nav-store gets a set from the manufacturer tomorrow, it will be sent over a.s.a.p. and I might have the car WITH nav system either wednesday or thursday
b) If the nav set does NOT come in, the order for the nav will be cancelled, a different - newer - system will be ordered for me, my car will be delivered to me on tuesday or wednesday with the standard CD player inside and somewhere in october I'll have to go back to the garage for installing the other nav-set.

It's a good thing I'm keeping a close watch, otherwise I'd have been waiting another four weeks. Idjits.

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