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Do you remember, the 21st night of September?

Mmm, life is fairly good at the moment. Last weekend I survived a company trip to an (artificial) white water rafting track, and on sunday the whole family celebrated the diamond wedding anniversary of my grandparents. The following week went by rather unremarkable. Saw my footballteam PSV suffer a horrible 3-0 defeat against Atletico Madrid on tuesday, I watched Vantage Point together with jonesybunny and Rick, had the D&D roleplay session and on thursday Jones and I went to see Wanted in the cinema. I laughed. It was SO over the top, but then again, it's a comic adaptation. Enjoyed myself, had some popcorn and met a few of Jones' colleagues.

And then it was friday. At work, the teamleader asked me to come along to grab some coffee. That kind of request always makes alarmbells go off in my mind. No idea why, could be selfdoubt? This time, the fear was unfounded. The teamleader simply wanted to apologise for having to postpone the evaluation that was set for coming tuesday. And in between the lines he told me that everything looked great, no complaints whatsoever, and that I could expect a positive mark. Yay me. As I got home, the Within Temptation DVD was waiting for me so I played it LOUD over the dolby surround set and had me a great night. Jones and I celebrated The Good Life with a nice glass of Cockburn 2000 Late Bottled Vintage port.

Saturday: No idea if it was the port or tiredness, but I woke up at 11:40. Whoah. I got up quickly and found myself full of energy. It was put to good use, taking the bike to the supermarket and back, followed by the lovely task of defrosting the freezer part of our fridge and cleaning the livingroom. Hooked up my laptop to the stereo, fired up and spent the afternoon cleaning the windows inside and out, cleaning up the storage room, dusting and vacuumcleaning. Then to reward myself for my efforts, I watched two episodes of Rome and had me a bowl of yogurt with applepie-flavored crispy muesli. And later at night I laughed my ass of during a Good Oldfashioned Saturday TV Night with "Mooi Weer de Leeuw" and "Raymann is laat" (Quality Dutch entertainment ;))

To-do list for sunday: treat the white leather sofas with cleaning cream and protection cream, wipe the top of all the bookcases and the standing lamp, clean up own room, jump in car at 5 p.m. (which reminds me: remove birdshit from car!) pick up colleague, have a bite in Haarlem, go to the theater for some cabaret (Speelman & Speelman).

Next week: (hopefully) pick up new car, get tour and lunch in the dutch parliament building (Tweede Kamer), company weekend trip. Never a dull moment and no rest for the wicked :)

In other news: The new Kings Of Leon album is awesome. I'm currently very much in love with the single Sex On Fire.

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