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For the first time in YEARS, I grabbed my dicebag, pencil and new character sheet yesterday to take part in a good oldfashioned pen & paper Dungeons & Dragons campaign (Living Forgotten Realms). This was also my first experience with 4th edition.

It was .... confusing. During my student years I played many a campaign in 2nd edition, then later I DM'd a few adventures in 3d edition, but somehow Wizards Of The Coast managed to put everything into a blender once again. Different races, classes, new rules for combat, healing, powers, I really had to start from scratch.

Enter: Kosh, the Dragonborn Paladin from Tymanther, disciple of Bahamut, wanting to build a reputation to restore his family honor, wearing his disgraced father's shield and warhammer. He and his partymembers (a cleric, a wizard and a ranger) traveled to the Dalelands and witnessed an accident at the harbor where big firebeetles escaped their crates and ran amok. It all went reasonably well from there.

So, about 4th edition... I can't give an opinion just yet since it's so completely different from the previous versions. At-will powers, encounter powers, daily powers, healing surge, second wind.... Perhaps I'll be able to give a verdict once the first adventure is over. We stopped yesterday just as our party horribly failed at trying to QUIETLY enter the basement of a ruined Temple of Mystra, thus alarming the kobolds and human mage talking behind the door. Next session: Monday 29th.


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Sep. 18th, 2008 10:26 am (UTC)
Sounds like good fun.

I have to say that the new edition is a little 'feels like WoW the tabletop', but it streamlines a lot. I'm only praying that they execute the Bard right, it has a LOT of potential in 4th edition.
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