Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

So close yet so far away

Called the cardealer today to ask for an update. Turns out that the navigationsystem is on backorder and should be coming in Friday after next. Which caused me to grumble slightly, saying that I've been waiting over 5 months for that car, so he had 5 months to order that system for me. "Well", he said, "be glad I hadn't ordered it yet. The first few of those systems that we built in all came back with problems. The I-pod dock only seems to work with first generation I-pods, and the radioreception was very poor. We had to send those systems all back to the manufacturer. By now, most - if not all - of those problems have been solved and taken into account with the production. So bear with us a little longer. We hope to have it ready next week.
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