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Jul. 16th, 2003

Heatwave. Over 30 degrees celcius. Me boils. I work in an office in a basement, luckily with a bit of daylight coming in through the windows. And I have airco. So basically, I have no idea of what happens in the real world, when I'm in my office. Today I decided to taunt fate and find a parkingspace close to a popular beach club to have an after-officehours drink. I was way overdressed in my black trousers and white blouse. All the other men wore boxers. Nothing more. Tee hee.

Workworkwork, so much of it. For every task you finish you get two new ones in return! Only 4.5 weeks until holidays! First week will probably be at a beach in Turkey enjoying my all-inclusive package. First time in YEARS I'm having a proper holiday, so I can't be bothered to do any cooking. And the fact that drinks are included too makes it even more interesting ;) Might have to start catching some sunrays if I don't want to look like a lobster when in Turkey. Not good when a drunk girl tries to hug you on the dancefloor and you whince with pain ;p

Saw Monty Python's Holy Grail again tonight. Been a while since I saw it. Amazing how some humor can remain so timeless (Think also Chaplin, Laurel, Hardy and Keaton).


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Jul. 16th, 2003 02:35 pm (UTC)
Two words, Cheetah boy! Take Pictures!!! Lots of them of Turkey.. invest in a digital.. plus I still want to see Holland, Rob Style. :)
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