Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

A nice weekend

Yes, it certainly was despite the bad weather on Sunday. And despite the wobbly right knee.

On Saturday we had a nice little houseparty with bander, thaily, hiryu, pegla, skunktaur, hackrabbit and clsa attending. We talked a lot, gamed a little, ate and drank a lot and the highlight of the party must have been the Miracle Berry experiment. Through the wonders of the internet, we got our hands on a pack of freezedried tablets. What is the Miracle Berry, you ask? Well, look it up on Wiki or Google. It makes anything sour taste sweet in your mouth. Suck on a tablet until it dissolves, then be amazed as you happily stick a piece of lemon or grapefruit in your mouth. Bitter lemon suddenly tastes like Fanta Orange. Orange juice suddenly tastes like peach nectar. It's bizarre, but it's true. Much fun was had watching each other eat sour things with much gusto. Next time we should try some sauerkraut and pickles too... Other pastimes that day included The Haunting House, Arkham Horror, Castle Crashers, a few episodes of Creature Comforts and a TV Game Show on the Wii. Before we knew it, the clock was ticking towards midnight and swift goodbyes were said so trains could be caught. It was a nice day.

Sunday was a very lazy day. I caught up with some series that've been waiting on my hard disk for far too long. I'm now on episode 16 of the Witchblade anime series. It's strange to watch if you know the comics. Everything's different: the setting, the main characters, the anime is nothing like the comic books. Still quite enjoyable to watch, mostly due to the common ingredients: monsters, a heroine with large breasts, a silly perverted old man, the shy girl, the quiet muscle man, the pessimistic old lady and the occasional fan service.

In a totally different league we find "Rome", where I just finished watching the second episode of season two. Having worked in a historic themepark with a Roman Era zone, it's intriguing to see how historically accurate they tried to portray life in Rome. The politics, crime, trade, power struggles, even though the series is highly dramatized, it's still fascinating to watch.

Any more recommendations for series I should give a try? There's a whole bunch on dutch TV now of which I've never seen more than the occasional trailer. Sci-fi stuff like Jericho, Surface, Invasion, or maybe Threat Matrix, or is there something my US friends could tip me?

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