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From: Rob
To: Car salesman
Time: 2:18 pm

Dear Salesman, you told me my new company car (Honda Civic Hybrid) would come in around the last week of September. Is that still so? In other words, may I expect the car to be fully ready and checked on October 1st?


From: Car salesman
To: Rob
Time: 3:55 pm

Dear Rob, your car is confirmed for this week. I think we're right on schedule.


From: Rob
To: Car salesman
Time: 4:04 pm

Dear Salesman, sorry for the confusion but do you mean 'this week' as in the current week we're living in, or did 'this week' point to the week I mentioned in my previous mail?


From: Car salesman
To: Rob
Time: 4:42 pm

Dear Rob, guess what? It just rolled off the truck and is now parked up on the parking roof. Just the paperwork, the installation of the extra's and the final checkup to go. I'll let you know when the car is ready for pickup, probably somewhere next week.

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