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Hobbyserver LAN weekend, the deluxe edition.

This one goes out to jonesybunny and damanique, but everyone else: keep reading.

Hey Dutchies? If you've ever wanted to go to a LAN party weekend, but were afraid of sweaty gamers in a sportshall who can only stare at their screen: think again! This one is totally different:

Date: August 15-17
Venue: AINSI in Maastricht, a former industrial building at the limestone quarry of ENCI.
Location: Satellite picture, Lage Kanaaldijk 113, Maastricht

BONUS! During that same weekend there's a cultural festival on the AINSI grounds with music, theater, film, dance, visual arts, sports and shows!

There's room for 40 people at the LAN, right now there's 17 people registered. This LAN *needs* more people, it is going to be so much fun. I am also hosting a little show (Cheetah's Freakshow) with one hour of the best/worst internet videos. No gaming experience required, just a decent PC and/or laptop.

Costs: 12,50 euro if you pay before august 1st, 17,50 after. That includes 2 breakfast buffets with the legendary Hobbyserver cheese toasties. Everything else you need to know (about registering and what to bring) can be found HERE (in dutch).

Come one, come all. Historical venue, festival, Limburgse Vlaai, and me as your host. What more could you possibly want? :P
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