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One day I'll fly away...

Just daydreaming a little. Thought I'd check and see how much a ticket to Namibia would cost me. Well, from Amsterdam they're horrible expensive. So I looked around a bit more. Were I to fly from Germany, a ticket from Dusseldorf would cost me around 930 euro, and from Frankfurt around 840 (both with South African Airlines, cheapest rates). But that would mean a four hour drive to the airport. OK, Belgium next. Brussels - London Gatwick - Windhoek, with Air Namibia.... 802,15! Nice... and quite doable. So costwise a ticket would cost me around 800 euro (barring more fuel tax on top of the ticket price) and the fee for 4 weeks of working at CCF would be US$ 5250 (used to be 5000, but is now with 5% processing fee. D'oh.).

Now I know I can get a discount on that fee because I'm an adoption parent for one of the resident cheetahs (Klein), I just don't know the exact amount of the discount. Plus: the chairwoman of the dutch Spots foundation has connections with Air Namibia, so with luck even a discounted plane ticket MIGHT be possible. But still, if I had to pay full price for the plane ticket AND the stay, it'd be:
802,15 + (5250*0.5865) = 3880.79 Euro. Oh, plus 47 Euro for a Namibian work permit, plus 85 euro for shots (Yellow fever, Hepatitis A, DTP). Let's make it an even 4000 euro max. Wow. One year to save for that. Should be doable with a bonus here and a 13th month there plus vacation pay next year. Yeah, I think I'll be good :) Got a good camera already, now just for a fancy telelens with image stabilisation somewhere around Xmas.

Damn, pre-vacation jitters. And it's still over a year away.

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