Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

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Music for the soul

I overslept this morning for the first time in ... uhm ... can't even remember. No harm done though, I'll just work a bit longer today and tomorrow to make up for it. And so I sit here, trying to juggle paychecks and hoursheets in our internet testing module, seeing if everything still works with the latest update installed. Pumped everything I have by Jamiroquai on a USB stick, plugged it in, headphones on and zoooom. Ah, bliss. In my own little world (not entirely true, I only keep one ear covered with my headphones. To block everything out would be considered rude and ineffective).

maartje's graduation party tonight. Think I'll shock everyone and take the bike into Leiden. Hoping for no rain tonight. Then tomorrow: work, squash, Kung Fu Panda on the big big screen. Saturday: haircut and the Mount Everest of to-iron shirts. Sunday: Watch final 3 episodes of Heroes season one and do radio show. And jog.
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