Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Your wednesday giggle

Source: BNN Calender.

Strange laws in the US!:

- Illinois: It is forbidden to feed lit cigarettes to dogs, cats and other pets
- Connecticut: It is forbidden to cross the street walking on your hands
- Michigan: A woman is not allowed to visit the hairdresser without her husband's consent
- Florida: It is obscene to shower in the nude
- Massachusetts: It is forbidden to defecate on your neighbour
- It is not allowed to cross the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin with a duck on your head
- New Mexico: Women are not allowed to appear in public unshaven
- Oklahoma: Making faces to a dog is punishable by law
- Colorado: Women are not allowed to wear red dresses on the public road after 7pm
- California: It is not allowed to ride a bike in the Baldwin Park swimmingpool
- Jesper, Alabama: It is forbidden to hit your wife with a stick thicker than your thumb
- Blythe, California: Wearing cowboy boots is punishable by law, unless you own at least two cows.
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