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Farewell Maastricht, Hello Katwijk

Today was the day I officially handed in my keys to my gorgeous, luxurious, spacey, comfortable apartment in Maastricht, located at the old harbour, bars and restaurants at the water's edge, yachts lying in front of my apartment..... I miss it already.

But let me recap the entire weekend for you.
Friday: work, go home. New apartment was empty, roomies not home. Logged on to Taps. Guess what? Just when things start to get pleasantly hot and heavy, you hear a key turn in the front door. So much for writing erotica and being in a sexy mood. Could've just closed my bedroom door, but that would just raise suspicion. Don't want to become an outcast in my own home. Went out for two beers and staring at a cute waitress with one of the roomies. The other roomie (the filthiest one) is now on holiday. Two weeks Ibiza. Peace and quiet at home :)

Saturday: reunion time! BBQ with graduates from the Hotel Management School. Saw about 7 or 8 yearmates, so had some catching up to do ('s been 4 years). Funny to see how everyone spread out. A few took an additional course/education, two decided to see the world first, and others settled down in a job, with or without SO, two unemployed at the moment. Pretty diverse really. After the BBQ, onwards to Maastricht. Stayed up 'til 1 am unscrewing IKEA furniture and putting everything the wall for easier loading the next day.

Sunday: Parents arrived with the trailer, called two friends (They'd promised to help and be there early. I still had to wake them up. Hehehe.) After 90 minutes of hard labor, we filled the trailer and the back half of my car. Drove to Katwijk (3 hour drive, with a pitstop in Eindhoven), enjoyed an additional hour in various traffic jams (on a SUNDAY for crying out loud!) and then, the unloading. Without help from friends. More cursing from my dad. Once everything was inside, it was my mom's turn to start cursing. Why do I *ALWAYS* have to go through this? Every visit my mom brings to my home includes a full inspection of the house, my room, my wardrobe. Complaining about how I don't clean the house good enough, that I iron my shirts wrong, and all of this while saying 'She's only saying this for my own good' as often as she can. Bleh. I'll stop here before I get angsty. I love my parents, I just don't invite them to my house because they always find something to complain about. And in the unlikely event there's nothing wrong with the house or wardrobe, she'll still complain that I need to lose weight. Thanks ma. I love you too.

Aaaaaaanyway, back to Eindhoven, watched Dragonheart, ate chinese, slept.
Monday: To Maastricht again, last few bits to clean up, then handed over the keys. Spent almost an HOUR at the electricity-company's office waiting for my turn at the desk. A few phonecalls later and all my official ties with Maastricht were cut. After some more fun in traffic jams, another stop in Eindhoven to pick up my properly ironed shirts and finally I could go back to my new apartment.

So here I am, surrounded by boards and other parts and pieces of furniture. Tomorrow I'm going to city hall (village hall really ;) to officially make myself a citizen of Katwijk. Then, on to Leiden (10 min drive) to give blood (I save lives!) and probably spend the rest of the day trying to make the apartment look like a cozy home.

After this, I don't want to move for at least a year and a half. And for my next move, I'll hire real movers. Le sigh. 7 weeks until holiday.

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