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A selfish post

- Two more months for my new car to arrive. The waiting is painful.
- Tax refund should be getting in any day now. Once it does, it goes straight to my debt. After that: only 500 euro's to go!
- It's hard for a capitalistic gadgetfreak like me to think about saving money. I can't remember the last time I had money stowed away on a savings account. Last year I kicked myself and got my finances sorted, getting rid of my debt (5000 Euro) bit by bit. I could've been out of debt by now, but I made one final purchase: my digital camera. But still... I want a new computer because my old one is over two years old. I want an iPhone because I had one in my hands last week and had to admit it was a cool gadget. I want a HD TV just because my little brother has one. Notice the fact that I don't really NEED any of those things. It helps that I have a long term goal to look forward to. It's become a mantra: "Save your money and you can go to Africa next year."
- Tomorrow I'm gonna start the jogging schedule. I'm getting more exercise now, also playing squash ball once a week and doing a staircase-walk at work twice a week, climbing the stairs to the top (11th) floor and back with two colleagues. Had a chat with pegla and I might try his diet recommendations. I need to cut down on soft drinks and beef up the water consumption again. Oh, and crunches.
- Saving the money for Africa also has the drawback that I can't do much in terms of vacation this year. Have two weeks off planned mid-august. I'll spend a few of the days in Maastricht, attending a friend's LAN party weekend as semi-staff. Still can't help but feel a little jealous when I hear about holiday destinations from colleagues and friends.
- With regards to gaming: I've put all my MMO gaming in the freezer. WoW account is frozen since last week. I ordered myself to stay off the Warcrack and do less online until Spellborn comes out, which is expected in a month or three. Thanks to the XBOX and Steam I can bridge the gap with Mass Effect, Half Life 2 and Burnout Paradise.
- Argh, I also want to get back into the series I'm following. Need to finish Flikken Maastricht season 1, Lost season 4 (first half), Heroes season 1 and 24 season 4.
- Highschool reunion at the end of september. More incentive to at least shed a few pounds :D
- Househunting sucks. The housing market is way too expensive at the moment, unless I want to live three stories high in a 50's building in a shabby neighborhood of The Hague, Rotterdam or Amsterdam. I just want a decent apartment in Leiden, is that too much to ask? Well, yes it is. I couldn't even afford anything NICE there if my salary doubled. And no, I don't want to live in Almere either. So at least for the next year and a half you can still find me in Katwijk.
- Grandma's getting REALLY forgetful now, asking mom three times if she wanted coffee.....
- Aunt's considered 'clean', all cancer having been removed and no additional treatment deemed necessary. Only bi-annual checkups.

There, I emptied my head. That's everything for now. Enjoy your sunday, folks.

Over and out.

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