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Fuel prices

Truckers are blocking the border between Spain and France, Portuguese fishers have laid down their work, and today all Dutch truckdrivers will drive 50 km/h on the highway for a while. Everyone else who needs to use the road is complaining already, but I for one support the actions. Why? Check this:

Country / price of 1 liter Euro 95 / Price of 1 liter diesel (gasoline) - prices in Euro

Netherlands 1.627 1.439
Belgium 1.560 1.401
Finland 1.497 1.363
Italy 1.476 1.530
Portugal 1.474 1.389
Germany 1.455 1.382
France 1.416 1.348
Austria 1.290 1.308
Spain 1.250 1.323
Luxembourg 1.230 1.138
Ireland 1.207 1.246
Serbia 1.180 1.160
Greece 1.141 1.124
Slovenia 1.114 1.188

Our country has the most expensive fuel of all the countries with the Euro currency. Joe Average feels it in more ways than one. He has to pay more for his own fuel, but also all other prices are going up fast because stores and companies get charged more for their transported goods. It affects everything from the supermarket to a planeticket. In a lot of countries the labor unions are already negotiating with their governments for compensation. Over here, that's not the case. "There's simply no money to compensate you guys." is the message. The worst part is that the money made with the price increase is not going to pump-owners, or the government, but to the oilsheiks. It's all about supply and demand. Swell.

And on top of that, Dutch VAT (Dutch: BTW) is going up from 19 to 20 % next year. Health care is being stripped. Pensionfunds are losing money with bad stocks. I either need to emigrate or find peace with the fact that I'll be working until my 72nd birthday.
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