Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Single again

Some of you might already have seen the news in damanique's journal. This weekend she came over again and besides having a great time together, we also talked until deep in the night. And after seven months we both came to the conclusion that we're very good buddies and that we get along wonderfully together, but that the chemistry just won't kick in. We both tried, looking for butterflies and fireworks, and for some reason we couldn't find them.

It's hard to explain, but at least we both reached the same conclusion without any regret or argueing. We tried, we had fun, the big 'click' didn't happen, we part as good friends. I'm glad I got to know her and her family, I have great memories of our times together and our trip to Berlin, we'll always be the best of buddies. As someone commented in her journal: "You may have lost a partner, but you gained a friend and sometimes those can be even more valuable." I guess that sums it up perfectly.

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