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Heeeeeere we go!

OK, I've had this coming. Mega update alert.

How long has it been? A month since any decent update? Holy negligence, batman! Well, what've I been up to?

2-5 june. In London. Capitol Hotel. Room with a view on Harrods. Niiice. Salesvisits to lotsa companies. A few as far as Coventry. And our guide managed to get a flat tire with our rented car on the ring road of Coventry! Eek! Imagine two guys in suit-and-tie having to change a tyre. We were lucky enough to get the car to a quiet street.

6-14 june. First, D&D weekend. No computers, no calculators. Nice and oldfashioned: a table, a DM, 6 players, Character sheets and tons of fun. Oh, and lots of crisps and fizzy drinks. Not good for weightwatching :) For those interested, I was a Noble from Montaigne (we played Swashbuckling adventures), on the run from the rebels. In the end we came close to the greatest treasure on earth! only to have a dumb partymember blow up the treasurevault. With all of us inside. So, that was goodbye to noble Jacques Cousteau. Yeah, I know. I have a funny twitch to give my characters suitable names.

After the D&D weekend, back to work, following up on the week in England and preparing my next one.

15-20 June: London, week 2. Met bhara and afya (oh, and by the way, he proposed to her the other day, and she said yes! Congratulate them!. Furthermore I hooked up with an old friend from Maastricht who happened to be training in Maidenhead in the very same week! So we celebrated with huge cocktails in TGI Friday's. Mmmmm, Oreos...... Didn't have the chance to go see a movie or play while I was in London, but I'll make up for it someday.

21-22 june. Saturday, 21st of June. HP5. No, not a new Brown Sauce (Brit joke ;), the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Of course I had the misfortune of having to leave London the day before, so I simply had to drive to The Hague to buy a copy at the American Book Center (They have English books too, y'know? ;) After that I went to see Phone Booth (awesome! Kiefer '24' Sutherland as baddie.) Next day, lazy day. Returned to the cinema with my two roomies and went for Matrix Reloaded (even though I've seen it, you always see some great details when you watch a movie for the second time). Ate mexican (watch out for gas!), and had a relaxed evening in general.

23-25 june. Office: Work harder than ever (Up to my eyeballs in reports). Home: Read Harry Potter (finished it yesterday!) and play on Tapestries (mostly with someone who's starting to get more and more into my life and dreams, you know who you are ;).

Next weekend I'll be at a get together of former Hotelschool students. Nice and informal, drinking, eating and sharing memories of 'when we were young and reckless ;)'. After that, off to Maastricht. Final trip. Sunday dad's coming with the rent-a-trailer and we'll clear out everything that's still there, move it up to new home (3 hour drive with the trailer) and try to fit it all in. On Monday I hand over the keys (having to go to Maastricht for the very last final time ;), drive back to Katwijk, play minigolf with my colleagues and probably sleep through Tuesday. Good thing I asked those two days off.

Much more to say, even more to do. Questions? Comments? Fire away!

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